​Important BYOx Update

On Wednesday the 4th of March, the second last stage of the BYOx rollout was completed. It involved installing new hardware that would allow our existing network to be able to handle the increase in users. 
The last stage requires the installation of ‘Concierge Software’ on our network. This software manages the connection to the Wi-Fi network for students with personal devices. It was advised by the contractors that the installation could possibly be completed on Friday, 6th of March or Monday, 9th of March.
On Thursday the 5th of March, we received news from the Department of Education appointed contractors that this Concierge Software has been experiencing considerable issues in most schools across the state.  The provider of this software has communicated that an upgrade to this software (also known as a ‘patch’) is needed state-wide. Therefore, the contractor does not want to install problematic software to our network, as they will need to revisit and re-install within 3-4 weeks. This would also require a re-install of this software on all BYO devices. 
This additional delay could take 3-4 weeks. Because of these continued delays, Maleny State High will be implementing contingency plans to increase access to the school internet and network. The contingency plans are listed below.
  • Year 12 students will have the option to borrow a tablet until the BYOx system is up and running.  Because Year 12 students will have access to these devices, their teachers will no longer be able to book computer labs at school, thus providing more opportunities for other grades. Further information and documentation about this plan will be emailed to Year 12 parents/guardians on Monday 9th March. 
  • A temporary computer classroom will be created in the Resource Centre. This will add to the existing five computer labs. This will be active on Monday 9th March and will be available until BYOx System is up and running. 
  • Two mobile class set of laptops will be made available for teachers to hire for assessment and/or research by Friday 13th March. 
  • An additional mobile class set of laptops will be made available by the Friday 20th March. 
Please note: Due to the technical issues since Thursday, the BYO Charter has not been emailed to Year 7 and 8 Parents/Guardians as was originally proposed. These emails will be sent on Tuesday 10th of March. 
Students who have signed and returned the BYOx charter are still able to bring their device to school to be able to word process assessment items. However, access to the internet and network is still not possible for personal devices. Please also be aware that students are able to download a free copy of Microsoft Office to their personal device. Download instructions are available by clicking here. 
We understand that this is an inconvenience to students and families and we acknowledge that many of you have made laptop/tablet purchases in preparation for the BYOx program. We have been very grateful for the patience of both students and parents during this transition to a new model of IT in Queensland schools. We have taken all possible steps and met the Education Queensland requirements to have this BYOx program up and running, Regrettably, unforeseen software issues from third party providers have caused the extended delays. 
If you have further questions, please contact me on 07 5499 8128 or
Kind regards, 
Mr Simon Kranz
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Last reviewed 18 June 2020
Last updated 18 June 2020