Music Excellence Program

​​Maleny State High School offers the opportunity to be a part of a Music Excellence class. This program aims to extend each student’s knowledge and understanding of music in order to develop their skills in the dimensions of performance, composition and analysis of music. This class is designed to encourage the pursuit of excellence in music. Students in this class study music intensively during one term of Year Seven and undertake more advanced performing and classroom music activities, such as the incorporation of intermediate level music technology and access to recording studios, which promote creativity through music technology.  These facilities are not made available to Year Seven music students except to those within the Music Excellence program. Students accepted into the Music Excellence program class will remain in this class grouping for all of their curriculum studies outside of music.

Who should apply:

  • Students who are involved in primary music instrumental programs (and play a woodwind, brass, string and / or percussion instrument), and / or
  • Students who have private music lessons. 
  • Students who have a natural passion and talent for music. 
The program embeds an ICT pedagogy. All students are required to have a BYOX Device (see links via the school’s webpage for specifications and advice). Students use technology to interact with the repertoire, complete online assignments, and compose and record music.

The Music Excellence Program will provide an extremely strong foundation for future music studies at Maleny High, and leads into Senior music courses such as General Music, Music Extension and the Cert. 2 in Music Industry. Students in Year 12 Music Extension may specialise in performance, composition or musicology.
To participate in the Music Excellence program, it is mandatory that students are involved in the school instrumental program or are having private lessons with a music tutor / teacher. 

Entry to the Music Program is through application only. On submission of the Expression of Interest, students will be contacted with audition information. The relevant forms are available at the bottom of this page and to the right under 
Please note:

  • It is not possible to be a part of BOTH the Music Excellence and STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) classes. Students may apply for both, but will be asked to choose between these programs should they be successful.  
  • The Music Excellence program class will be capped at a maximum of 25 students. 
  • Students who are accepted into this program will be making a two year commitment.  
  • Acceptance into the Music Excellence program also guarantees successful students a place in the before-school Music Extension program, which is offered three mornings per week. 
  • For students who are outside of the Maleny State High School EMP (Enrolment Management Plan) boundaries, participation in the Music Excellence program is a contractual obligation. If a student is unable to complete their two year obligation, or is in violation of the expectations of the program, then their continued enrolment at  ​Maleny State High School will be reviewed. For more information, view the Department of Education edMap.
For additional information about the Music Excellence Program, please contact Rodney Wodson on

Last reviewed 23 May 2022
Last updated 23 May 2022